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What is the Lifespan of the Penile Prosthesis, and is it Guaranteed?

The answers to how long the Penile Prosthesis will last are given in detail. After the perception of sexual stimulus in men, the signals coming out of the brain increase the blood flow in the groin area, allowing the spongy cavernous tissue in the penis to fill with blood. Thus, the penis enlarges and becomes rigid. The inability to perform this bodily function for various reasons is erectile dysfunction. It is pretty standard for this situation to occur occasionally, especially in elderly individuals.

Suppose the state of being unable to reach the hardness that will initiate or maintain sexual intercourse, defined as erectile dysfunction, continues for a long time. This problem is controlled with various treatment approaches, especially drug therapy. If the erection problem cannot be resolved despite all the methods, penile prosthesis surgeries, Penile Prosthesis, may come to the fore. You can find other details about the life and warranty of the prostheses used in this treatment method in the continuation of the article.

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How Long Does a One-Piece Penile Prosthesis Last?

The one-piece Penile Prosthesis is a double malleable cylinder with very high flexibility. These implants, which provide a permanent state of hardness to the person after the operation, allow the person to position their penis as they wish, thanks to their being malleable up to 135 degrees with the developing technologies. Due to the small number of parts used in this penile prosthesis surgery, the probability of mechanical failure is also lower. One-piece Penile Prosthesis, which has been functional for many years, also stands out with its straightforward use.

How Long Does the Three-Piece Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Last?

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Three-piece inflatable penile prostheses, as the name suggests, are highly developed penile prostheses that consist of three different parts combined with a unique tube system. The activator pump in the testicles, the reservoir in the abdominal cavity, and an inflatable double cylinder are placed in the place of the cavernous tissue in the penis, three-piece. They are the parts that make up the inflatable Penile Prosthesis. Various studies have shown that these implants continue to work without problems for many years, despite their complex structures and many parts used.

The implant, operated by squeezing the activating pump in the testicles, allows the fluid in the reservoir to move toward the cylinders in the penis. Thus, by filling the inside of the penis with fluid, the penis enlarges and becomes rigid. People can activate the releasing valve at any time, making the penis return to its loose state. The working principle of the three-piece inflatable Penile Prosthesis takes place as close as possible to the natural erection process. The three-piece inflatable Penile Prosthesis, which has very high patient satisfaction rates, is the most preferred type of penile prosthesis for providing a very effective and permanent solution for people with erectile dysfunction.

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Is There a Penile Prosthesis Guarantee?

In erectile dysfunction patients, if other treatment methods cannot be applied or if there is no result despite trying, this problem can be permanently controlled with Penile Prosthesis treatment. Various studies on the postoperative period have shown that the prostheses placed in most patients maintain their functionality for many years. At the same time, when the satisfaction rates of the patient and his partner were examined during this period, very positive results were obtained.

Penile Prosthesis warranty may vary depending on the clinic where these prostheses are applied. Rigicon® penile prostheses are guaranteed for life. For more information about Penile Prosthesis treatment and the warranty period of the implants used during these operations, you can contact us via the “Contact us form” on the rigicon.com website.

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