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Breast Asymmetry Issues Shouldn’t Make You Conscious Anymore!


The two sides of the human body don’t have to be perfectly the same. The left side can vary slightly from the right side. It is more typical of breasts. If the two breasts are not equal in shape, size, and position, you can refer to it as breast asymmetry, which is pretty common. A well-rounded pair of breasts can also differ in size. Medical experts say genetics can play a role in this. If your granny or mom’s body featured uneven breasts, you might inherit this trait from them. The difference can be noticeable from puberty, when these organs begin to grow. When one side grows faster than the other, the issue of asymmetry occurs. This kind of developmental change is unexplainable, but some believe it may have to do with the density of breast tissues in some girls.

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Medical reasons for breast asymmetry

Abnormal size difference demands immediate medical attention as this can signal cancer. However, not all cases are the same. Women can experience breast asymmetry during pregnancy when they have to breastfeed. Hormonal changes contribute to this. If you nurse your baby from one side more, you can expect shape and size changes. Doctors say you don’t have to feel anxious about the uneven appearance if you can feed the proper amount of milk. Other causes can be health conditions like Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia or Hypoplastic. Nevertheless, if you feel conscious about the appearance of your breasts, you can go for breast augmentation therapy for correction.

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Breast augmentation therapy

It’s a type of plastic surgery that has changed many women’s lives by increasing their aesthetic aspects. Breast augmentation helps address asymmetry issues in some cases by adding volume or increasing the size of the breasts. But you have to consult an expert to understand if you are a suitable candidate for this. Whether the difference in the breast size is due to genetics or other reasons, the plastic surgeon may want to study it before recommending the procedure. And if they advise this, they will talk to you about breast enlargement through implants. Some of the common types of breast implants include silicone, saline, or gummy bear.

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Traditional saline and silicone implants come with unique properties. Saline materials usually carry a sterile saltwater mixture, while silicone varieties contain silicone gel. Saline can be satisfactory for giving a round shape and is affordable. However, these may feel harder than silicone, which feels more natural. Today, silicone implants have improved, and gummy bear varieties exemplify this. These are safe, long-lasting, and advanced shape-providing solutions. As per the FDA, someone more than 22 years old can use these. FDA has given its vote of confidence to this option.

If you think your breast size and shape dent your confidence and personality, you should get medical checkups done and contact a reputable plastic surgeon for help. Make sure you trust only the certified doctors who use advanced technologies and techniques. If you are eligible for this, they can correct your issue and give you the proper shape and size you desire. Also, don’t hesitate to share any concerns you may have about the potential side effects of the surgery to approach your treatment with a calm mind.

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