November 8


Importing Prescription Drugs From Canada Won’t Solve America’s Drug Price Problems

The medical field is very advanced today. It makes it possible to save lives, to cure diseases so as not to aggravate the situation. There is only one big problem – the pricing policy. This direction is very expensive for consumers. In many countries, they try to compensate for this cost through insurance, which covers most of it. But still, countries such as the United States can’t boast of cheap prices in the medical field. Many factors influence this. Let’s understand this question in more detail.


Why are US drug prices so high?


In many countries, there is a practice that the state tries to take part in different areas. That kind of control is tangible. This is expressed by the fact that, for example, as with medicines, the prices are quite acceptable, the supplies are regular, and some benefits can be used. Moreover, everyone in the medication process is interested in the common good and works as productively as possible. In the US, the circumstances are slightly different. In some cases, pills that cost a couple of dollars abroad are sold in America for prices that exceed hundreds of dollars. How is that possible?



Almost every consumer will agree that this is unfair, outrageous, and should not be. Moreover, the interests of the pharmaceutical giants are represented on Capitol Hill by a powerful lobby, comparable in power to the arms lobby. Over the past 10 years, more than $2 billion has been spent on promoting the interests of drug manufacturers. The investment has paid off: bills to reduce drug prices have been introduced in Congress 15 times, but none of them has even made it to the hearings of the relevant committees. For such reasons and many others, we can observe a picture where the prices of such essential products for mankind cost a fortune.

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No Incentive For Drug Companies


This situation is also happening because the private companies that operate in this industry are not interested in selling more medicines at a low price. They can be understood, as the domestic policy of system regulation and taxation in the U.S. makes life difficult for businesses in this area. The pharmacceptive trend has a system of its own, which has long been out of favor with the common folk.


So when there are initiatives from the authorities to import drugs from neighbors like Canada Drugs to improve the situation for consumers, the company owners are not happy. They believe it will only exacerbate the internal balance of affairs that already exists. In this case, various external factors are pouring in, which confirm the fact that customers should not expect drug prices to improve soon. This is a sad situation, as the government must work to guarantee a better life for the population. This is what happens, but not in all areas, especially in such necessary ones as medical.

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Why Are Prescriptions So Much Cheaper in Canada?


It’s all about the domestic politics of the country, and the government’s involvement in shaping the cost. It does make a difference in keeping consumers happy. Canada can offer the same drugs at lower prices. The government, which are the ones who handle the bills for prescription drugs, is not going to pay for the products if the Watchdog Commission thinks the cost is high. This is something that can help many neighboring countries fix the situation in the industry. Government involvement can make a difference.


There is still a nuance to consider. The country’s ability to cover certain medications is limited. Also, there are price caps once a drug appears on the Canadian market. The price charged each subsequent year can only increase based on the rate of inflation. Even so, consumers can sleep easy knowing that even if insurance doesn’t cover the drug they need, its price will be more or less fair. This is confirmed by the fact that, for example, U.S. residents order drugs from here. You are unlikely to find it cheaper, even in neighboring states.

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No Perfect Solution


Unfortunately, the issue of drug pricing in the United States is complicated. Even organizing imports from neighboring Canada won’t help the situation, but will only make it worse for the locals. The resources of the Canadian side are not unlimited. If such deliveries begin, there will soon be increases in the cost of products in the region. This will further aggravate the situation of both states.


The U.S. should develop a plan of action to improve the domestic pharma system to keep everyone happy. So far, consumers really can’t afford what they need to be healthy. And this is a very important aspect. Many state leaders tried to influence the situation and embarked on similar reforms. But since there are the necessary influences at the top enterprises, this is virtually unrealistic. Let’s see what happens next.

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The problem of medication remains acute. Many countries need their supplies to be replenished to a greater extent. Such shortages could soon prove fatal. Moreover, even if a state has no problems with product availability, the prices of such drugs are simply cosmic, as in the case of the United States. Trying to find solutions, on the part of consumers, can aggravate the situation in another country, Canada. We need to monitor the situation and see how governments deal with the current problem.



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