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10 Coolest 80s Hair Styles for Men in 2022 


The 80s were an interesting decade in terms of culture, fashion, and style. From clothing to hairstyle, everything about the 80s screamed over the top, and eye-catching. While the women of the 80s, had a plethora of choices, when it came to having their hair done, the men too had their fair share of choices. Perhaps, it was the decade of the 80s which saw the most number of new hairstyles for men. It was the time when new hairstyle, created specifically for business people was introduced. Over the last four decades, some of the 1980s hairstyle for men have underwent modifications, but the 80s hair styles continue to inspire the men of today. Let us take you on a stroll of the coolest 80s hair styles for men, to help you choose your next look

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Flat Top

The flat top, as the name suggests, is one of the boldest cuts from the 80s. Popular amidst the Afro American community, this cut involved creating a table top flat surface at the top. With undercut or faded sides, this one was and is a show stopper. Modern variation of the flat top, also gives a choice of neat and short table top, which needs minimal effort to style and hold.

Slick Back

The slick back was one of those styles created for the business people. The slick back involves pushing the hair back with a fine tooth comb and using a gel or wax to hold all the hair in place, and away from the face. The resultant look is a no nonsense style where the hair is slicked down the sides and the back. Bold and crisp, this 80s hair style is certainly not for the faint hearted. Present day variations include to give it a wet look by using a gel.

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Jheri Curls

Sported by various stars such as Michael Jackson, Ice Cube and Lionel Richie, Jheri curls were the creation of hairstylist Jheri Redding. The Jheri curls were a specific type of perm, which gave the hair loose but defined curls. The fun part about Jheri curls were that they’re suited for all hair lengths and give the wearer a cool look. The flipside of Jheri curls were that the style was high on maintenance and needed a lot of products to appear perfect.


As with the name, the undercut was simply referring to the hairstyle where the back and sides were either shaved or faded. Made popular in combination of the mohawks, the undercut continues to be amongst the favourite 80s hairstyle for men. An alternate pairing of the undercut can be done with bit of voluminous hair on the top, to create a faux hawk.

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The mullet had both; its takers and its haters. It has been considered both, iconic and weird, and is perhaps the most controversial amongst the 80s hair. A mullet, essentially, involved creating a hairstyle that was short at sides and top and long at the back. Edgy and quirky, the mullet is certainly your style if your aim is to have heads turn at the very sighting of your hairstyle. Over the period of time, the style has been rocked by many celebrities including Billy Ray Cyrus.


A rather simple and versatile hairstyle, the quaff has survived the test of time. A quiff is nothing but a long hair at the top of the head with short hair at the back and the sides, resulting in the quiff adding more volume to the top. It is the versatility of the quiff, which makes it rank high on the popularity list. Suited for both work and play, the modern day quiff allows men to also incorporate a side part. Use a pomade or a gel to give it the wet look and style it using your hands to make it appear effortless.

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When we speak of 80s hair, we cannot skip talking about the pompadour for men. The pompadour was men’s answer to the big volume 1980s hairstyle. Create the pompadour as high as possible to maximize on the volume and let your hair do all the talking.

Long Waves

Rather popular during the 80s, this one was all about volume and texture. With the hair usually being shoulder length, and either curly or wavy, all it needed was a bit of salt spray to give the wearer a relaxed surfer style waves. The long waves, is meant to appear carefree, relax and effortless. No wonder that the style seems to be as relevant today as it was four decades ago.

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An iconic style from the 80s, the perm has undergone some serious transformation to appear leaner and modern in 2022. Unlike the yesteryear’s tight poodle like curls, present day curls are more natural and flattering. Thus, if you’re someone, who’s lucky to have natural curls there has been no better time than now to flaunt them. For those, like your author, who has straight hair, the modern day perm is a great alternative to create drama in your hair. As with all curls, you do need curl defining serum to keep the look intact.

The Shag

Last but not the least, the shag is all about letting your hair fall freely. Essentially a branch out of the layered cut, this Paul McGregor creation, shag involves trimmed front and top, and increasingly longer sides. As a result the style created allows the hair to hang freely and loosely. A shag, as the name suggests looks unkempt, and is certainly not the style for work.

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Which of these 1980s hairstyle for men, would become your next hairstyle? Tell us in comments below. If none of the above styles take your fancy, then let us know which one is your style. We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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