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A Beginners Guide To Neto E-Commerce Platform  In 2023

Since its inception, the Internet has taken the modern world by storm and completely transformed our lives. More and more businesses are now putting their products and services online through their e-commerce stores.


E-commerce platforms have advanced significantly in recent years, with several viable solutions now available, including a new market player called Neto.


Neto is Australia’s answer to e-commerce behemoths such as Shopify and WooCommerce (covered further in the text). It’s a retail and wholesale management platform offering users practical e-commerce, Inventory, and fulfilment solutions.


Neto’s creators began as online retailers who were unimpressed with how e-commerce was being carried, so they built a practical and affordable way to do business. They have been doing so since 2009—assisting retailers in making innovative, effective, and financially beneficial operations.

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Why Think of Neto Website Design?


Neto Website Design makes it simple to set up a web store. Neto website development company Australia is a popular website builder because it combines eCommerce, POS, and Inventory. It is a website builder that boosts the productivity of online stores.


It’s incredible to sell through multiple channels while managing everything from a single dashboard.


Popular eCommerce Platforms


Popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce have a large audience and a large number of users worldwide. However, this does not automatically imply that they are the best option for your company. Each has advantages and disadvantages. This guide will go over a few of them below to help you understand why you should choose Neto over the alternatives.

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Users can use Shopify to create and customise their online business, sell products and services in multiple locations (web, mobile, social media, and physical stores), and manage Inventory, payments, and shipping. However, despite having the highest growth rate of any CMS platform, some of its functions can be incredibly complex.




WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to sell products and services directly from their websites.


It enables users to sell both digital and physical products, manage shipping and inventory, sort taxes, and accept secure payments. However, WooCommerce needs centralised support, which can lead to serious issues in the future.

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Volusion is a pioneer in the field of eCommerce. It was created 20 years ago and still allows you to do what you need to do but not much else. It has some great tools, but the design features are quite complicated.


Website creation is extremely difficult because there are no specific market offerings and no blog options. Volusion is still popular among data enthusiasts.




Neto is Australia’s only retail and wholesale platform offering quick fixes for eCommerce, POS, Inventory, and fulfilment.


Many people prefer Neto because of its integrated back-end technology, which provides a simple and consistent customer experience irrespective of the channel they use. It merges all of your sales channels onto a single platform.

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It enables businesses to sell in more channels and increase their revenues by allowing them to manage their e-commerce business and marketplace listings from a single source.


Another outstanding feature of Neto is its shipping capabilities. Their automated shipping, quoting, labelling, and multi-carrier shipping systems enable users to streamline order processing and shipping processes.


Customers can log in to a Neto site, view their order, and modify it until the point of shipping, which is an incredibly beneficial feature when dealing with complex and large orders.


Which is the Best Ecommerce Platform for your Online Store: Shopify or Neto?


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Shopify and Neto are both excellent options for your online business. Shopify is more usable and well-liked by online merchants. This platform makes your e-commerce site look more polished and elegant.


Neto has a lot of useful features. As a result, you may never notice the absence of a feature or add-on.


Neto does not charge per sale, so your long-term costs are significantly lower. Even if you make a lot of sales, Neto can help you save a lot of money.


Choose netsuite integration with shopify if you want a stylish e-commerce website with advanced features. This platform offers excellent support and versatility and would be an excellent choice for expanding your online business. It’s a platform you’ll want to stick with for a long time. You can use Shopify’s free version for 14 days.

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So you already have Shopify and want to improve your online store significantly? Invest in a strong page builder, such as Pagefly or Shogun.



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