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Ways to Help the Student from Traumatic Conditions

Learning and studying is the process where students get to know and grasp the knowledge and information. Earlier this process was very complex and tutor centred only but as the time passed by evolution took place and the education sector also got some renovation and many new changes got introduced in the education sector and students came in contact with completely new ways of learning where all sorts of problems were solved. But apart from school environment and tutoring , there are so many factors which are responsible for the good academic life and performance of the students and one of them is personal life at home. If the student is suffering from violence and traumatic events at home and in personal life then it is definitely going to make his/her academic life very problematic. Doesn’t matter that such an event might have happened in the past of the students but such incidents keep on creating hindrance in the successful learning path of the students. Children who have a history of trauma have issues in concentrating in their lessons and learning. Though school managements are taking necessary measures and adapting new and innovative tools like school management software and attendance management system, tutors still need to make different strategies to support the students suffering or suffering traumatic conditions in their life.

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Students with a past or present with violence or traumatic conditions whether in their personal life or academic life, they are not able to cope up living alone. Whenever they are alone, a whirlpool of those traumatic memories starts to bother them, therefore tutors in schools and parents at home need to take care that such a kid should have a sense of belongingness around him/her. At home such kids have families but in school tutors need to give such students some consistency and this pattern should never be broken until the child gains some confidence and a smile on face. As tools like the school management system and attendance management system help the school management in all departments, in the same ways such tricks help a lot to mend the tough situations with such suffering students. Parents and tutors need to take care of some specific things which should not happen around such children like sudden things as surprises should not happen around them because even in class they sometime get lost completely in those memories and any sudden act like surprises can bring panic attack to them and this could cause a serious damage to their mental well-being.

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Sometimes it happens that some students psychologically grow very rapidly because they have to suffer some traumatic conditions and have to take charge of the chief of the family at a very tender age so such students have to study and earn money both at a tender age and their childhood gets lost in the heap of responsibilities. But such situations keep on bothering such students always so tutors need to assure them that they can unburden such psychological loads from their mind in the school and they can enjoy their time in learning and enjoying just like any other kid of their age. They can forget about their hectic responsibilities till they are in school. Tutors should keep on reminding the students that they need to learn about collaborative learning where they have to do the tasks and learning together with the help of each other as a team. They should learn to support each other in the hour of need so that in their social life also they can do so and earn love and honour from others. Such students have trust issues always because usually they are in trauma due to someone very trusted one or close relative so it becomes harder for them to trust someone but this should be taught by the tutors that they can trust their tutors and peers and can give life another chance because something bad comes in life to teach how to fight with such conditions, not to get scared for the rest of the life and stay away from taking new initiatives.

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Tutors should become role models of such students and tell their own real-life stories of how they suffered from some trauma in school days and how they fought with such conditions and get through this and retain their academic performance.


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