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How To Create And Sell An Online Course?

Looking for the ultimate guide on online course creation and course selling using online platforms? Here is our guide on how you can create and sell an online course, the steps for these tasks and the platforms to create and sell online courses that you should use when getting into this business. We will also share with you a few tips on how you can enhance your course content and how you can make your online course selling experience better. This article will help you understand online course creation and online course selling in detail to help you get started with your online course.

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The online course market has a very high competition these days because anyone from any field can create and sell an online course to help learners who wish to take up online courses for learning and exploring topics of their interest. It is interesting to note that there are multiple courses on every subject that you can think of and the topics covered are also similar in each course. How do you launch an online course that will stand out from the rest and also sell better compared to any other course based on a similar subject? Your course content, teaching style and selling method will help you sell your course better and profit from the same as the learners benefit from your knowledge and experience. The following are the tips to help you improve your content and teaching style. We will be taking a look at the selling method in the later sections of this article.

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  • Your online course is being viewed by a student who is sitting in front of a screen and you need to grab their attention and keep them focused throughout.
  • Make your course content informative but do not overload the course with the same.
  • Add elements that will make your online course interesting and engaging as well.
  • An interactive course will be preferred by more students.
  • Include a lot of activities in your course that will help your students learn better on their own.
  • Additional reading material or sources will add more value to the course.
  • Some students prefer monitoring their progress as well and adding a few tests and quizzes will help the students self-assess and improve their performance as well.
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One of the most asked questions related to online courses is: how to create an online course? Let us answer this question for you in a few steps.


  • The first step is to shoot and record videos that will be a part of your online course. You can also create a video that includes animation, texts and voiceovers instead of being present in the video.
  • Create the text for your online course and find the resources to add to this course.
  • Compile the video content and the reading material to finalise the course.
  • Divide your course into modules keeping into consideration the attention span and focus levels of your students.
  • Review and upload the course for sale online.
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Creating an online course is not at all hard when you choose the right online course creation platforms. You can either work on one platform and make a complete course or use a variety of platforms and tools to work on the different parts of your course. One of the types of platforms that can be the most beneficial for you is an online course builder. Other than this you can make use of video creation and editing software as well.


When we think about selling an online course, we have a lot of options for where we can sell the online course. You can sell your online course on a platform that is designed and developed, especially for the same or you can choose to sell the online course using a website that you run or a website that has a lot of traffic. You can also choose to sell courses using a video streaming platform or social media platforms. The aim is to choose a platform that is popular and easily accessible in a large number of countries. This is to ensure that you reach a wider audience and your course sells better. Make sure the platform you choose offers all the advanced features but is also very easy to use for you and your students.

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