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Top Crypto Trading Robots

Cryptocurrency trading can be very profitable, but it is also risky. Market volatility can lead to losses that exceed your initial investment. Whether a veteran trader or a beginner, using an automated bot will help you manage some risks in trading. A bot can analyze the market and give you timely notifications when it’s time to buy or sell your cryptocurrencies.

Best Crypto Robots




Pionex provides a “Power Pack Bot” with three auto-trading bots for their users. The user can choose not to use any of the three bots. If they use all three, their total Profit can be up to 15x their investment! Just imagine how much a trader can make if he were to use the three bots together.

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One of these three trading bots is PXVID which allows its users to generate hundreds of dollars daily with an initial investment of $100. The other two are PXVIP (Pro VIP) and PXVIG (Pro VIP +). They do have a difference, but that will be revealed in another blog post again; stay updated for that.




Cryptohopper is a very performing and user-friendly automated crypto trading bot. It has been in the field for quite some time and has gathered much positive customer feedback. The bot is accessible on their official website but requires an API to be installed to work.

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The software provides various trading options, including the ability to manage multiple accounts from different crypto exchanges simultaneously. In addition, users are allowed to switch between exchanges as often as needed, which is a convenient feature for those who trade on several currencies.




Numerous crypto enthusiasts have been searching for a bot that will help them make money from digital currency trading as well as help them manage their funds efficiently. With Bitsgap, this goal is achievable because it has all the necessary features for traders to trade in the cryptocurrency market successfully.


The software can analyze more than 10,000 crypto pairs and detect coins with the shortest potential. All the users have to do is enter their API key and allow access to funds for the software to work. When the user creates a bot strategy, they can set up simple or complex orders depending on their level of expertise as they trade on Bitsgap.

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HaasOnline was founded in 2013 by a group of professional day traders and programmers to provide an alternative to manual trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Since then, they have grown their platform to be used in over 160 countries by thousands of traders. They have expanded their services to include a comprehensive collection of educational resources. It provides risk management tools and even a variety of trading-related software and hardware products, such as the HaasBox (a Raspberry Pi-based device that allows you to run HaasOnline on your computer).




Trinity’s platform allows users to build trading algorithms by plugging together components like indicators and filters that feed in data culled from the crypto market. These components are connected with different nodes, which can be combined in any way the user sees fit. To make things even more fun,

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Trality offers an infinite number of nodes prebuilt by their team—the user can plug these in like Lego pieces and build a node of their own. These prebuilt nodes are customizable in terms of which data they send out, what direction they’re plugged into (it’s possible to plug three nodes into one), and whether or not they need additional inputs from other nodes.


This, combined with Trality’s extensive tutorials and supportive community, allows users to grow as skilled programmers and traders, creating increasingly complex algorithms.




The CoinRule interface lets you see your current balance and profit/loss information in real-time, making it easier to track your trades.

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CoinRule also enables users to test their strategies before applying them live on their exchange accounts. You can easily switch between strategies and select which ones you want to use. The platform also has an advanced backtester that allows users to enter different parameters for each method and compare the results.




Three Commas (aka TC) is one of the leaders in algorithmic trading, a software that helps you make decisions based on data. The software is used by professionals and provides a trading bot that enables you to reduce risks and get Profit with minimal effort. This application allows you to create a strategy based on 20+ Trading Indicators, including the most popular and trusted ones like Bollinger Bands, ATR, Stochastic – RSI, MACD, and others.

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CryptoHero is a one-stop shop that offers an array of bots and tools for both novice and expert cryptocurrency traders. It has a Bots Marketplace where users can buy and sell trading bots, which CryptoHero will help set up. CryptoHero is not a participant in any exchange broker or affiliate programs.


CryptoHero also offers web and mobile access, allowing users to trade anywhere at any time.


CryptoHero was founded in 2018 by Roger Li and Kevin Zhang, two former Goldman Sachs employees working on its FICC (fixed income, currencies, and commodities) desk. They were avid cryptocurrency investors who saw the need for an app that could give them access to all the features they needed in one place.

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