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First Day of School Prep List To Ease Your Child’s Anxieties

The first day of school can bring about a lot of excitement for your little one, but not all that nervous energy is good. Some kids become anxious thinking about new classmates, routines, and developing friendships. While you can help ease your child’s nerves by finding a suitable child anxiety medication over the counter, you can also implement strategies to help them communicate and cope with the upcoming academic year.

What To Do With Your Child Before the First Day

Before the first day of school, you want to help your child organize and prepare for what’s to come. Many schools will provide lists for students explaining the necessary supplies for the year. Go shopping for the items with your child and allow them to take charge of some decisions.

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Giving them power over some choices gives them more power over the situation. If they feel more powerful, they often feel more in control, which can lead to feelings of bravery and confidence.

Also, besides buying necessary school supplies, consider OTC natural alternatives for anxiety treatment. Some OTC remedies can help take the edge off of anxiety attacks.

Talking With Your Child About Back To School

Promoting an open dialogue with your child is crucial. They need to feel safe discussing their worries, fears, and concerns over the upcoming school year. Remember, when your child shares something that worries them, you do not need to find a solution. Sometimes, all your little one needs is for you to listen. They will give you cues, letting you know what they need, but in most instances, it is reassurance and validation.

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Anxiety often causes irrational fear. While OTC anxiety meds can calm some physiological and psychological responses to fear, your child will still need you. Let them know that you understand and that their emotions are valid. However, in validating their emotions, be careful not to validate their concerns. Emotional responses are personal and rarely, if ever, wrong, but threats can be irrational.

Start a Sleep-Wake Routine

In the weeks before school starts, prepare your child by getting them on a responsible sleep-wake cycle. You want to ensure your little one gets enough sleep at night to rise rested and energized for the day ahead. A bonus to predictable sleep-wake routines is that it is often easier to get your children up and out of bed.

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School-age children between six and 12 need between 9 and 12 hours of sleep. If your child wakes at 7 am, they should go to bed between 7 pm and 10 pm.

Promote Healthy Eating

Eating a nutrient-dense and balanced diet is the key to a happy and healthy life. When children eat right, they have energy, and their little bodies can function as they were meant to. A junk food-heavy diet can make your little ones sluggish and unmotivated.

Back-to-school anxiety is a common issue for many children. With routine, open communication, and a focus on health, you can help reduce anxiety symptoms. If your child’s anxiety is severe, talk to their pediatrician.

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