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Top 6 Reasons behind Buying Fully Automatic Flexo Printer

It’s easy to see why printing is so important when considering diapers and other products for women. When a product is printed, people are much more likely to buy it, and it can also help the brand of the person who made it better known. Customers want their hygiene products to do more than work well. The best way to print these kinds of products is with flexographic plates. A fully automatic flexo printer slotter machine has several benefits that are unique to it and should be looked into.


When you print with flexographic inks, you can make patterns and solid colors on a wide range of substrates, such as porous and non-porous materials, flat and rough surfaces, absorbent and non-absorbent substances, and more. Using a C.I. configuration for the print setup also lets you get better color-to-color registration on materials that can stretch. It can all happen because of C.I.

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Wide Range of Inks:

In keeping with the idea that things can change, the flexography printing method can use many kinds of ink. They are also chosen based on the type of application that will be made and the steps that will be taken after the printing (heat sealing, lamination, etc.). But it’s important to choose your ink based on how you want the final product to look. There are different kinds of ink, such as:

  • Water-based
  • Made from liquids
  • UV-curable

The Actual Performance:

Flexography is a printing method known for how fast it is. Once the initial setup is done, the combination of fast-drying inks and automation produces very high-performance levels. This method also lets you know how much ink will be used during printing. Because of the doctor blade chamber, there will always be just the right amount of ink on the printing plate. We’ve already talked about how this helps reduce ink, save money and resources, and make the process cheaper.

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Photos of Good Quality:

Even though flexographic printing is fast, the quality of the pictures made by a flexo printing press has gotten so much better in the last ten years that they are now about the same as those made by a rotogravure printing press. Recent improvements to flexo printing technology have made printed materials better. Because of enhancements like finer anilox line screenings, better inks, repro tools that can create sharp shadows and highlights, and better plate exposure and ink transfer, the images have the quality customers expect from a product at the top of its price range.

The Costs of Making Fair Things:

Flexography is a way to print that costs a lot less than other ways to print. Because the price of materials is lower (ink is cheaper, and plates are cheap to replace), the dishes are long-lasting (they can make millions of copies), and there are fewer steps in the printing process, so less labor is needed. Especially, the ink is less expensive, and the plates are easy to change.

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Celli IRIDIUM line help cut down on the material waste that usually happens when the setup is changed or when a necessary setting is not stable. Because of the above benefits and the fact that high-quality items can be made quickly and put on the market in a short time, a fully automatic flexo printer slotter machine is a cheap option with a great return on investment.


Flexography has the tools to help solve this growing problem, which is important because the printing industry is often looked at for the damage it does to the environment. This technology reduces the need for plate-making solutions, inks made with solvents, and cleaning products containing volatile organic compounds (VOC). You can’t say enough good things about being able to print with high-quality water-based inks, especially since solvent-based inks are becoming less and less common in many parts of the world.

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In the end, knowing all the trade secrets about how hygiene products are printed is very important. It is necessary to speed up production, save time, reduce the number of wasted materials, and make a product that can’t be beaten.



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