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Tips to Find the Perfect Golf Shirt

When it comes to golf, you have to follow the rules if you want to play. But what if you don’t want to follow their rules? What if you just want to throw on a pair of your old ripped up jeans and your favorite plaid shirt and hit the links? These days, many golfers are letting loose with their game by throwing away all those baggy pants and starchy collared shirts. Instead, they’re embracing a more casual style that doesn’t leave them feeling like they need to take a shower after every hole. As an avid golfer who has played in everything from dress code club tournaments to almost-at-home scrambles, I can tell you one thing for sure: The perfect golf shirt from Holderness & Bourne makes all the difference in how relaxed and enjoyable your round is going to be.Aside from golf shirts, golf bags are worthwhile investments for any golfer as well.

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Finding the Perfect Fit

When it comes to the perfect fit for a golf shirt, it all comes down to two criteria: comfort and mobility. You don’t want a shirt that is too baggy and sloppy, but you also don’t want a shirt so tight that it restricts your movements. A good fit for a golf shirt is when the sleeves fall right under your elbow with no excess fabric around your wrist. The shirt should also be long enough that if you bend over your shirt doesn’t ride up and show off your belly. When it comes to fit, also consider that many differences in brands, fabrics, and cuts will affect how you choose to size up. For example, if you usually wear a large shirt and the brand you are looking at recommends you to go with an XL, the shirt will likely fit very different than a large shirt from another brand.



The game of golf is played in practically every climate and type of weather, so you don’t want to be too bogged down in heavy or thick fabrics. Instead, you want something that is lightweight, breathable, and can be worn in both hot and cold weather. While most traditional golf shirts come in a heavier fabric, brands like Holderness & Bourne are producing their shirts with a lightweight fabric that both looks stylish and is extremely breathable. Another great feature about lightweight fabrics is that they are machine washable. If you play in a lot of weather or kick off the course and throw your shirt in the trunk of your car, a light and breathable fabric will be much easier to wash out the dirt and stains than a heavy fabric.

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Color and Design Choices

If you’re looking for a casual style golf shirt, you can mix and match just about any color you want. Be careful though, as some golf courses have strict rules on what is suitable for play and what isn’t. Some courses even have rules about what color shirt you have to be wearing. If you want to wear something bold like yellow or orange, make sure to check the rules before you tee off. If you’re looking for a more traditional golf shirt, you can also find a color and design that can be worn to just about any course. In fact, many of the best golf brands have a wide selection of classic and traditional golf shirts that come in just about every color you can imagine.

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Materials That Don’t Shrink

While we’ve been talking about light and breathable fabrics, we also have to talk about shrinkage. All fabrics, especially those that are lightweight and/or have a loose weave, will shrink when they are washed. The best golf shirts have a fabric that doesn’t shrink, so when you throw them in the wash after a day on the links, there will be no shrinkage or discomfort. The best golf shirts are 100% cotton. If the label reads “cotton” or “100% cotton”, you’re in luck. These fabrics are the best for golf shirts because they are lightweight, breathable, and most importantly, they don’t shrink.

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All golf shirts are not created equal. There are certain fabrics that just don’t last as long as others, even though they may be the same brand, style, and color as a shirt that has great durability. To find the most durable golf shirt, look for a few things. First, check the fabric. A high-quality fabric will last much longer than a lower quality fabric, no matter how well you take care of it. If the fabric is 100% cotton, it will be one of the most durable and long-lasting fabrics on the market. Another thing to look for is the stitching and seams of the shirt. The best golf shirts will have strong and durable stitching, particularly around the collar and cuffs.

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When you’re heading out to the links, you want to be sure that you’re wearing the best golf shirts for your game. With so many options out there for both traditional and casual styles, the only thing left to do is pick out the perfect shirt for you. The good news is that with so many quality brands producing stylish and comfortable shirts, you’re sure to find the perfect shirt for you.


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