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Sonnaz Nooranvary

Sonnaz Nooranvary is from Pamphill, Dorset, Britain. She is an upholsterer and a television character showed up on The Auto Shop, a show zeroed in on furniture rebuilding and home improvement.

Nooranvary is a significant individual from the cast as she is the upholsterer and is essential in fixing furniture. She is additionally a dearest individual from the cast and has a ton of fans. Since the show has been given an early evening space on the BBC.

NameSonnaz Nooranvary
ProfessionFurniture Maker; TV personality
Net Worth$100,000 to $1 million

10 Realities About Sonnaz Nooranvary

  • Sonnaz Nooranvary lives in Pamphill, Dorset, Britain, she has lived in the UK for a long time.
  • She doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet you can look over her realities by perusing this article.
  • Data on her significant other or sweetheart isn’t accessible in the media. She may have a relationship that she has not uncovered to the media.
  • Likewise, data on her net worth is additionally not accessible in the public area. Nonetheless, online appraisals recommend she is worth between $100,000 to $1 million.
  • She used to be a law understudy yet dropped her examinations to learn furniture making and fixing skills with Sunseeker yachts.
  • Since taking the apprenticeship, she has gotten a specialist in fixing upholstery.
  • Nooranvary says that she is unimaginably energetic about reupholstery and rebuilding. Utilizing her abilities she advanced into The Auto Shop show, the BBC arrangement has expanded her ubiquity generously.
  • The show generally centers around individuals coming into the shop with a family treasure that they need to have reestablished.
  • She is an English Iranian furniture creator and upholstery master. She is English according to her identity however has Blended nationality.
  • Other than the show, she has her own organization called Sonnaz Restricted which she runs.
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