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Olivia Muranga and Diana Lasu

Olivia Muranga and Diana Lasu are two characters who have been charged by Queensland Police after they deceived the wellbeing authorities during their outing to Melbourne. As Melbourne is the focal point of COVID-19 inside Australia.

NameOlivia Muranga and Diana Lasu
Age21 years (Diana), 19 years (Olivia)

The two were charged for heading out to Melbourne as it is a generally influenced zone by COVID-19. They were captured by police for the most part for defying COVID-19 norms. They are likewise affirmed for taking extravagance totes from Sydney and Melbourne. As they ventured out to the area of interest they alongside their family tried Coronavirus and tried positive, in any case, their relatives have tried negative.

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They were seen getting a charge out of and celebrating disrupting the COVID-19 norm set by the public authority. In spite of the fact that they had a few indications, they didn’t quit vising public places and went to bars and cafés. Presently they have gotten the spotlight for the demonstration they have done as individuals are addressing them the explanation behind doing this.

10 Facts About Olivia Muranga and Diana Lasu:

  • Olivia Muranga and Diana Lasu are both of Australian identities.
  • It appears to be both of these characters have incidentally incapacitated their Facebook just as Instagram accounts so they could shroud their personalities.
  • Getting into the bits of knowledge of their age, Diana is as of now only 21 years old while Olivia is 2 years more youthful than her – she is only 19 years of age.
  • Since they are not that mainstream, their data has not been refreshed on the Wikipedia page.
  • Discussing their nationality, they look as though they have a place with a blended identity.
  • Their profile is accessible to peruse on true sites as it were.
  • They have as of late come into the spotlight after they talked lie to the authority wellbeing laborers when they were gotten some information about their wellbeing status during their excursion from Queensland to Melbourne.
  • As per Diana’s mom, the young ladies were not off-base and they had all the rights to go anyplace.
  • It has additionally been affirmed that the young ladies were engaged with taking extravagance totes when they were in Sydney.
  • Both Olivia and Diana have tried positive for COVID-19 and are even blamed for spreading this perilous infection to a huge number of Queenslanders.
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