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How Long Does CBD Gummies Take to Work for Pain?

Everyone has experienced pain at some point in their lives. It can be triggered by a simple ache in your joint, or a nagging toothache. For those who experience chronic pain, it can be even harder to ignore. It’s like a flashing neon sign telling you that something isn’t right and needs fixing right away. The good news is that CBD gummies have come to the rescue of many people who are looking for pain relief without the nasty side effects of opioids or prescription medications. These tasty treats go great with any type of beverage—you just need to allow them time to work. Let’s talk about how long they take to work for pain so you can make an informed decision about whether or not these gummies are right for you.

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The Benefits of CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are a great way to reap the many health benefits of CBD oil. For starters, it’s been shown to reduce chronic pain and inflammation. CBD gummies also help boost your immune system so you can fight off more serious infections. Finally, CBD gummies can help treat anxiety and stress. Because anxiety disorders affect millions of people, and stress is linked to heart disease and many other health problems, it’s worth looking into these options further if you struggle with pain.

CBD gummies are an excellent choice for those who are trying to transition off of other, hardcore medications that have a high risk of addiction and overdose. They can be a great way to ease yourself into the idea of consuming more CBD oil by gradually increasing your dose.

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How Long Do CBD gummies Take to Work for Pain?

This all depends on how you use CBD gummies for pain, and how severe your pain is. For most people, taking cbd gummies for pain will start to work within 2 hours of consumption. This means that you’re able to reap the full benefits of CBD gummies right away. When it comes to how long it takes to work for pain, it depends on your situation and your pain threshold.


Crushing CBD gummies make them more bioavailable. While some CBD oils are still great for pain relief even after they’ve been ingested, they aren’t as potent as oils that have been extracted. Many people prefer to crush their gummies so they can reap the full benefits of CBD right away. However, you don’t need to get too extreme in your approach. Smushing gummies releases just enough oil to help with pain—not so much that you’re taking in more than you need and risking side effects.

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How do you use CBD gummies for pain?

People who are new to CBD gummies often ask about how to consume these treats for pain. There are a few different methods you can use to enjoy CBD gummies for pain. The first option is to simply drop some gummies into your beverage, and drink them down like normal. This method might be easiest for you, as you won’t need to get used to anything new!

If crushing CBD gummies sounds like a better fit, you can use this CBD gummy press to make the job a little easier. You must use this press if you want to crush the gummies, as you can’t just press the gummies out of the dropper bottle with a finger. You can save time and make it a little easier on yourself.

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People who are new to CBD gummies often ask about how to consume these treats for pain.

The Benefits of CBD for Pain Relief

In addition to the health benefits of consuming CBD gummies, they can also help ease your pain. CBD is a compound found in hemp that has been shown to treat pain, inflammation, and even nausea. Because it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties (like THC does in marijuana), CBD gummies are a safe way to reap the benefits of this compound.


The pain-relieving effects of CBD come from the endocannabinoid system—a neurotransmitter system in your brain and body that helps you feel relaxed. This is one of the main reasons that CBD is such a promising natural pain reliever.

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When you consume CBD gummies, it interacts with receptors in your endocannabinoid system. The cannabinoids in CBD help to prevent overstimulation of these receptors, which is what causes pain relief. In other words, CBD suppresses the feeling of pain by preventing your brain from getting too excited.


How to Know If CBD Gummies Are Right for You

If you’re curious about how CBD gummies work for pain, you can try a few different things to see how you feel. Start by taking a few CBD gummies and enjoying them with your preferred beverage. When you first try this method, you might be surprised by how much CBD is actually in a CBD gummy.

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So, take a few more and let your body adjust to consuming more of these treats. Try different brands and flavours to see what works best for you. You don’t have to stick with the same gummies forever, either. You can always switch things up and try different products if you notice that they help with pain better than others.

If you’d like to take things a bit further, you can also try taking your CBD gummies with food. Your body absorbs CBD much better when it’s combined with fats, so adding some olive oil or butter to your gummies can make a big difference.

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