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How Do Therapy Dogs Help Reduce Stress in College Students?


Your four-legged friends are your companions for life. They provide you with support and love, how much you need them. These pets are a constant source of selfless love, and they reduce your stress levels to a great extent. Many colleges are using therapy animals to improve the mental health of students. Further, these therapy dogs are provided in the colleges and are entirely free of cost.

These are mostly called canine interventions. They can improve the well-being of students. These therapy dogs provide a strong sense of belonging to the students. When students feel homesick, these dogs come to your rescue.

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How are Animals There on the Campus?

According to surveys, over 150 institutions have animal-assisted programs. They have helped about 62% of the students. Each dog therapy is different for different colleges. The dogs can sometimes be at the libraries throughout the semesters.

The students can approach the therapy sessions singly or in groups. It can vary from about a few minutes to 45 minutes. Keep the dogs in an underground dog fence when the students are interacting. In this way, they are not too close to the dogs.

Benefits of Therapy Dog Sessions in Colleges

  1. It Provides a Calming Effect

Students love spending time with animals, so you should give them a natural environment. Further, provide a break for students from their studies. Therapy dogs help in calming the students after every session.

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The handlers sit back, and the dogs become excited when they see the students. Dogs help to calm every nerve in students. You can go to an animal shelter if you don’t find any dogs. The therapy dogs usually are calmer than the standard dogs.


  1. These Dogs are Easier to Keep

Keeping therapy dogs is not as tough as regular dogs. Of course, they require regular vet checkups and exercise. But they tend to be calmer, so keeping them is not a problem. When you exercise with these dogs, it’s like the best bond with them. The therapy dogs are easier to handle near vets as well.

  1. These Dogs Are Not Expensive to Register
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You can identify therapy dogs quite easily. The cost of registering them is less since it’s for college students. The department might already take care of the coordination process.

Dogs are pretty friendly, so they can easily take care of students who are in need. Training therapy dogs is not a hustle at all. Some registering might need extra help, but you will be fine.

  1. These Dogs Are Eager to Come to College

Having a therapy dog in college works wonders for students. There should be designated time in the colleges to play with these dogs. This should be given when the students are in anxiety or fear. The therapy dogs can understand the fear very well.

  1. It Helps in Preventing Homesickness
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College students go a long way from their parents, so they feel homesick. If they pet these dogs for just 1 hour, they get a lot of relief. Therapy dogs always come to the campus, increasing students’ attendance. There is satisfaction while studying in colleges.

Most students suffer from anxiety, and you should try to free them from it. So, bring therapy dogs and see the difference!




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