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HealthKeeperz Celebrates Fourth Year Sponsoring Boots & BBQ Denim & Diamond Event

On Friday, Oct. 28, UNC Health Southeastern Foundation and HealthKeeperz teamed up with other community sponsors to host the 10th Annual Boots & BBQ Denim & Diamond Celebration at the Southeastern North Carolina Agricultural Events Center in Lumberton.

The bash featured live music from regional American country and folk genres, while Fuller’s Old Fashioned BBQ delighted attendees with some of the state’s tastiest eats.

This is the fourth year the Pembroke, North Carolina, home health and medical equipment company has participated in this community-beloved event to support a good cause.


HealthKeeperz has been heavily invested in the community since its inception. Said President Tim Brooks: “HealthKeeperz has truly evolved over the years. Howard Brooks (my dad) started a community pharmacy in Pembroke, North Carolina, and expanded the services over the years. He essentially sought to meet the needs of the community and provide for his family. Thankfully, the community responded quite well and we have since been able to expand our services beyond the pharmacy.”

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How Sponsorship Maximizes the Good That Contributions Can Do

When local businesses like HealthKeeperz sponsor fundraising events like Boots & BBQ, that means most of the event’s expenses are covered. This allows the fundraising organization, in this case, UNC Health Southeastern Foundation, to hold a bigger event — more music, bigger helpings of food, and even more fun. The organization can attract more people from all over the state to raise money for a good cause.

As a result of sponsors helping fund the event, more of the money raised from entry fees, food, and other fundraising efforts goes directly to the cause.

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Local faith-based health care company HealthKeeperz assessed where it could maximize the good of the community contributions while simultaneously supporting health care workers. The company chose to work with the UNC Health Southeastern Foundation because they share a commitment to delivering the highest-quality patient care.


UNC Health Southeastern Foundation Has Plans for Funds Raised


This year, the money raised at the celebration is earmarked for a very important purpose: the UNC Health Southeastern emergency department.

It’s one of the busiest in the state, seeing some 60,000 patients annually. The contributions will go directly to an ED/ER remodeling project that will improve patient privacy, comfort, and safety. The remodel is expected to shorten wait times and elevate the experience for both patients and their families.

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HealthKeeperz President Tim Brooks recently talked about the importance of supporting health care workers, especially post-pandemic. “We pride ourselves on being community-driven, and this is a great cause that goes hand in hand with what HealthKeeperz aims to represent. Our long partnership with the UNC Health Southeastern Foundation aligns with our company values and our shared desire to give back to North Carolinians.”



What Is UNC Health Southeastern Foundation?

UNC Health Southeastern Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that works throughout North Carolina to improve health care access and quality for North Carolinians through UNC Health Southeastern.


Its volunteer board of trustees is composed of local business leaders and members of the community. Each year, the board focuses its fundraising efforts on projects that are typically harder to fund but can significantly impact patient care and family support.

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What Is HealthKeeperz of Pembroke, North Carolina?

It is a home care, equipment, and end-of-life services company founded in 1966. It believes in treating the whole patient — body, mind, and spirit — with state-of-the-art technology and compassionate care. Its team members work with patients and families through complex health and end-of-life challenges by staying focused on God’s love and his charter to care for those in need.


It employs over 150 health care and support team members around the state. This puts the company in a position to provide uncompromising levels of home care and support the efforts of health care providers in the state.

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