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Hair Transplant Turkey

In this article, we will talk about why the issue of hair transplant Turkey is so popular. In this article, we will tell you all the advantages of having a hair transplant operation in Turkey. In this way, you will understand much better why Turkey is so popular in hair transplantation.

What is Hair Transplant?

Before giving information about hair transplant Turkey, let us talk about what hair transplant is. Hair transplant is the operation of transplanting healthy hair follicles on your head to bald areas. Multiple techniques are available to perform this operation.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

The success of Turkish hair transplant specialists has been recognized by the whole world. Because the results of the operations performed by Turkish hair transplant specialists are obvious. For this reason, it has become the dream of many people to have a hair transplant in Turkey. Hundreds of thousands of people come to Turkey for hair transplant operations every year. And all of them understood how correct this decision was during the operation process.

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Hair Transplant Istanbul

civas hair transplant

Istanbul is the mega city of Turkey. For this reason, when the subject is hair transplant Turkey Istanbul is one of the first cities that come to mind. There are many successful hair transplant clinics in Istanbul.

Techniques of Hair Restoration Turkey

There is more than one hair restoration technique applied in Turkey. Your specialist will decide which of these techniques is more suitable for you. So, what you need to do is to set up a control session.

Classic FUE (via micro motors)

FUE is the most common hair transplant technique in the world. The biggest advantage of this technique is that the operation is completed in a short time thanks to the micro motor tip pen.

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DHI method (FUE performed with Choi implanters)

The biggest feature of this method is the yield. The doctor immediately transplants the hair follicle removed from the skin to the bald area. During this period, the efficiency of the operation increases as the follicle remains outside for a very short time.

Sapphire FUE (FUE performed with sapphire tips)

Sapphire is one of the biggest centers of Istanbul. Therefore, you may want to get information about this subject as well. All you must do is contact us.

Hair Transplant Clinic

If you choose our hair transplant clinic, you will feel the advantages of hair transplant Turkey. Because we are one of the most successful hair transplant clinics in Turkey.

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Hair Implant Doctors in Turkey

Hair implant doctors in Turkey are one of the main reasons why hair transplant Turkey is so popular. Because the success of these doctors is famous all over the world.

Hair Surgery Results in Turkey

civas hair transplant

Each of the hair transplant operations performed in hair transplant clinics in Turkey is quite successful. For this very reason, the subject of hair transplant Turkey is being researched by everyone.

Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 

Hair transplant cost in Turkey is quite reasonable compared to other countries. Moreover, if you consider the quality of the hair transplant operation service you will receive in Turkey, it is possible to say that there is a very satisfactory price range. For this very reason, hair transplant Turkey is an issue that the whole world’s eyes are on.

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