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Emergency Dentists in Las Vegas         


You probably have a list of nearby hospitals on your mind for medical emergencies, right? But, what of a dental emergency? While it technically counts as a medical emergency, a hospital’s ER isn’t the best choice. They’d give you the necessary medication to make the pain or bleeding subside, but you still need to see a dentist for proper treatment.

This is why it’s much more logical to visit an emergency dentist in Las Vegas instead. An emergency dentist has both the expertise and the tools for proper diagnosis and treatment. This is also much more cost-effective as you’d have had to visit a dentist anyway, even if you went to the ER. Timely emergency dental care can also reduce treatment expenses by preventing the condition from worsening.

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Is emergency dentistry expensive?

One of the reasons why people might hesitate to seek emergency dental care and wait for a regular appointment is the associated expense. Emergency dentistry is often assumed to be quite expensive, which might be true depending on the dental clinic you visit. However, this is a huge misconception and can cause unnecessary delays in treatment.

Firstly, not every place charges an exorbitant fee for emergency consultations. Sure, you should expect to shell out some extra charges if you have to get a same-day emergency apartment. Regular appointments often have queues and may not be available till a couple of days later. However, affordable emergency dentistry services are available too.

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Another factor affecting the costs is the kind of dental emergency and the treatment necessary for it. Dental surgeries and other major treatment procedures can be quite expensive and are often needed to treat dental emergencies.

In this regard, insurance coverage matters a lot too. A dental care provider covered by your insurance plan would be a much better choice, as you don’t have to worry about hefty out-of-pocket expenses. Some dental clinics and online dentistry services accept insurance plans from most insurers. On the other hand, there are other clinics that don’t work directly with any insurance providers. You’d have to bear the costs yourself and then get reimbursed by your insurer.

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Getting an online emergency dentist appointment is an exceptionally affordable option. Speaking to an emergency dentist over a call is much cheaper than an in-person appointment at a clinic. Once you get the symptoms to subside through home remedies or medications, you may visit a dentist of your choice for follow-ups.

To sum up, emergency dentistry doesn’t have to be costly unless you immediately need to undergo an expensive dental treatment. Even then, the initial consultation can be quite affordable as long as you get it done at the right place.

Where can you find an emergency dentist in Las Vegas?

Let’s check out your most viable options when looking for an emergency dentist in Las Vegas. Hopefully, this section should make your search much easier.

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1.   Teledentistry

Teledentistry isn’t a dental clinic – it’s an online service that helps people locate reputed dentists nearby. This might make you wonder why Teledentistry is at the top of this list. Wouldn’t it be better to directly visit a dental clinic that can carry out the necessary treatment? It might, but you don’t have a lot of dental clinics open at odd hours or during weekends.

You can’t consult an emergency dentist unless you can find one, right? Teledentistry’s services are available 24/7, and they can provide you with a list of all the dentists who are accepting patients at the moment.


Another reason why Teledentistry made it to the top is the fact that they offer immediate online appointments with emergency dentists. In case you have a dental emergency in the middle of the night, this service can be of great help until you can visit a dental clinic. Besides, Teledentistry is covered by most of the major insurance providers, including Medicaid.

2.   Absolute Dental

Absolute Dental is a well-established chain of dental clinics offering emergency dentistry at a large number of locations across Las Vegas. Regardless of which part of Las Vegas you reside in, you can generally find an Absolute Dental clinic nearby. They also have a board-certified dentist available on call.

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You can undergo a variety of dental treatments at Absolute Dental, including cosmetic dentistry. However, keep in mind that all their locations are closed on Sundays. A few are open during specific hours on Saturdays, while the rest either remain closed or require you to call to check for availability.

3.   Emergency Dental Las Vegas

This dental clinic focuses primarily on providing emergency dental care, as you can probably guess. Emergency Dental Las Vegas is open seven days a week, which gives them an upper hand over the previous entry on this list. You may visit Emergency Dental Las Vegas even on weekends.

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This dental clinic treats a large variety of dental emergencies, including abscessed teeth, damaged implants, pulp infections, etc. In addition to accepting insurance plans, they also offer in-house financing options. However, this dental clinic is open only during specific office hours. In case you have a dental emergency outside those hours, they are no longer a valid option.

4.   Cheyenne Dental Group

Cheyenne Dental Group offers reliable emergency dental care services in Las Vegas, treating various infections. Depending on availability, they usually offer same-day or next-day appointments for dental emergencies. Besides, Cheyenne Dental Group also accepts most PPO insurances and offers various financing options.

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However, Cheyenne Dental Group suffers from a major drawback that keeps them from being the best emergency dental care provider. They don’t offer 24-hour services and are closed on weekends. Thus, their availability is the same as most dental clinics out there.

Wrapping up

Teledentistry appears to be the best choice among them all, although the rest are undoubtedly quite reputed too. Nothing beats 24/7 availability and immediate online appointments when it comes to a dental emergency. Besides, being able to easily book an appointment with a reputed dentist near you is a nice perk too.





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