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Edie Murray

Edie Murray is the girl of Sir Andy Murray. Murray is one of the best tennis players to be played throughout the entire existence of the game. He is a previous World No 1 and has won three thousand singles.

Besides, Edie was brought into the world with the silver spoon in her mouth. She has had incredible cherishing guardians and all that she might want. She is exceptionally charming and cute.

NameEdie Murray
BirthdayNovember 2017
Age2 years
ParentsAndy Murray, Kim Sears
SiblingsSophia, Teddy

10 Facts on Edie Murray

  • Edie Murray is the girl of a Tennis legend, Andy Murray. She was brought into the world in London, United Kingdom.
  • Moroever, Edie is around long term and 8 months old. She was brought into the world in November, 2017.
  • Notwithstanding, the specific date of her birthday is as yet not known. The couple even saved her name as a mystery for a very long time.
  • Edie is the second girl of Andy Murray and Kim Sears. Her folks are together for over 15 years now.
  • Andy and Kim began going back in 2005. Following 10 years, they tied the conjugal bunches and offer three kids till now.
  • Two of Edie’s kin are Sophia Murray and Teddy Murray. Sophia is her senior sister though Teddy is her more youthful sibling who is a while old.
  • Proceeding onward, Edie’s grandparents are never off the spotlight too. Her grandma, Judy Murray is a tennis trainer herself. Her granddad, William Murray kicked the bucket back in 2005.
  • Besides, Edie doesn’t have an Instagram account herself. Nonetheless, there are her cute photographs on her dad’s Instagram account.
  • In like manner, it is anything but an unexpected that nobody has committed a wikipedia history to her.
  • Her dad, Andy is a previous World No. 1 in tennis. He won gold decoration in the 2012 Olympics in London by vanquishing another Tennis legend, Roger Federar. The 33 year old has won three thousand pummels till date.
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