November 16


5 Reasons to Consider In-Home Hospice Care for Your Loved One

Hospice care describes health care that aims to provide quality of life and pain and symptom management for people living with terminal illnesses reaching the end of their lives. The goal is comfort and pain reduction rather than nursing the individual back to total health. When you can provide the care, attention, and love your family member needs in their final stages of life, you might wonder why hospice care at home would be necessary. It might be a service you consider for your loved one for some of the following reasons.

Cost-Effective Care Solution

End-of-life care isn’t always affordable, especially when it involves long-term hospital stays. When you reach out to in-home care service providers like Husky Senior Care, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your loved one can receive the care they need without a significant price tag associated with it.

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Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars to receive round-the-clock care in an unfamiliar facility your loved ones might be uncomfortable in, you can spend a mere fraction of that in your family member’s home environment, surrounded by their creature comforts.

Personalized and Customized Care

Everyone’s needs are different when they reach the end of their life. Some people require minimal pain medication to ease their suffering, while others require a multimodal management approach until the end.

You can enjoy personalized and customized care for your loved one that caters to their unique needs rather than more generic care based on their illness type. This can provide much-needed peace of mind when you’re worried about your family member being as comfortable as possible.

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Comfortable for Visiting Friends and Family

While hospice care facilities can be comfortable for many people struggling with a terminal illness, they aren’t always comfortable for people wishing to visit and spend more time with their family members.

They might be worried about the logistics of staying overnight or feeling comfortable making themselves at home. When your loved one is spending their last days in their home environment, visitors can come at all times of the day or night to spend valuable time with them without worrying about visiting hours and facility rules.

Range of Care Services

Caring for a family member suffering from a terminal illness can be stressful, especially when they can no longer care for themselves. Without any professional assistance, you have to take care of their every need.

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However, that changes when you bring in an in-home hospice care provider. They can help with feeding, toileting, bed baths, medication assistance, and more. You can then spend more time enjoying your loved one’s company rather than ensuring they are fed, hydrated, and comfortable.

Communication When You Can’t Be There

You might not be able to spend every waking moment with your unwell family member, and that’s okay. When you enlist the services of an in-home hospice care provider, you can remain up to date with their wellness in your absence. Most of the best care providers use communication log protocols to facilitate communication between caregivers and family members, including weekly reports.

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It’s never easy deciding on the level of care you want and need to provide for your loved one, especially during their last days while suffering from a terminal illness. However, if you’ve been on the fence about in-home hospice care, these benefits above might shed light on how helpful it can be.



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